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~We Look at the Same Sky~
       To put it plainly, being the new kid in a new town sucks. You don't know anyone at your new school, you have to catch up with the rest of the class, plus you have to deal with the constant jocks roaming the hallways. This really isn't my situation, but I still feel like I'm at the bottom of the food chain. Especially ever since the last two weeks passed by. Some different and… intriguing… things started happening ever since I had to move to a different place.

I was happy in my small, heart-warming hometown in Edgewood. Not much activity went on. The days were always long, I went to the same park to hang out with my friends every day, and I would even stop by my neighbor's house and take part in an annual pot-luck dinner. Every now and then I'd wake up and it was storming outside, and that was as bad as it got in Edgewood. Outside of my hometown is a different story. Our country is divided up into two factions: the Naphta and the Kamcha. They are both rebellious clans made up of supernatural beings, such as werewolves, vampires, warlocks, and witches. The beings have been claimed as subordinates and as servants to humans, but I still wonder why they haven't fled from their masters by now; humans are known to be aggressive towards their subordinates, seeing them as inferior. The two factions have been at war ever since the new millennia began, and tensions have yet to fade. Some humans have made their land into a peace ground, where neutral Naphta and Kamcha alike can grow, learn and prosper. My home town in Edgewood is one of these neutral zones. I have never really been exposed to any violence while living amongst the Naphta and the Kamcha and while growing up, except for the occasional food fight in cafeterias and the constant blaming on the opposite faction. A few months ago, I had to move away from Edgewood with my father, who worked as a local welder and salesman. His business in my hometown was plummeting, and he found better work outside of our neutral zone, making swords and other weapons and armor for both of the factions. "Rissa, we all have to make a living," he told me, as he smiled in his usual way of telling me to cheer up. "I'm sorry, but we have to move, and New Island is the only place that would accept my offer."

       New Island is one of the most well-known places in the country. It's highly known for its high activity amongst the two factions, with violence pretty much around every corner. I remember picking up the newspaper one day, reading about all the tragic events that occurred there. A man was brutally injured when he was caught in an argument between a werewolf and a witch. Both beings turned on him, and he barely made it out with his left leg torn to shreds and the right side of his face scorched. And they're all in the same faction. I was horrified when my father told me we were moving there, and I tried to convince him otherwise. However, I quickly learned it's hard to try and convince someone to not go to someplace while we're already on the ferry headed towards it. I felt my body quiver as I saw the approaching island across the sea. Next thing I knew, we were in New Island.

As I stepped off the ferry, I was surprised as the cold air rushed against my face. How is this even possible? The temperature had dropped immensely, but we are only a couple miles away from Edgewood. My father, noticing I was shaking, walked up to me and said, "Some say it's because of the constant war. So much violence has drawn the life out of the place…" And with a long pause, he walked off to unload our things. We didn't pack much; just a few things here and there that we thought we couldn't live without… or want to. I opened my bag and saw one of the only things I had packed: a pearl necklace. My mother had given this to me when I was a child. She would cradle me in her arms, no matter what age I was, and sing to me as I closed my eyes and wandered off into a dream. She gave me the necklace, and as I gripped it, she told me, "Close your eyes, Rissa, and I will always be there for you. I'm always here, in your heart." This was a few weeks before she… "Rissa?" I turned around and saw my father with his arms full of luggage. An empty suitcase was in his hand, with all the items on the ground. I chuckled and ran off to help him.

We carried our luggage to a hut we had reserved on the same beach as the dock for the ferry. "Well, I left my wallet out on the dock. Hopefully it's still there. I'll go get the rest of our things and introduce myself to some of the natives," my father said. He walked outside, and I started to look around a bit. Inside the hut was two small beds, a small lamp on a nightstand, a rug in the center of the floor, and a television with a bent antenna in the corner of the room. "Cozy…" I remarked as I set down our things on my bed. I looked around, wondering how we're going to survive however long we're staying here. I sat down on my bed and started to unpack before I heard a sharp scream. I jumped up and ran outside, and noticed something I didn't expect. The ferry was on fire! I called for my father, but there was no answer. All I could hear was a woman out of sight screaming in pain and the flames of the ferry burning the entire ship. I looked at the dock and saw a man running towards the island, as if he was trying to get away. "Wait!" I yelled, as I started to run after him. He heard my shout, turned around, and didn't notice a piece of wood that was sticking straight out of the ground as he tripped and fell right on it. Shocked, I stopped, and was too horrified to go any further. Still staring at the man's body, I continued to hear the woman's cry for help. I slowly turned around and made my way towards her voice. I found her lying underneath some rubble from a hut that had been broken down. I helped her out and noticed that her leg had been broken and her head was badly wounded from the crash of the hut. "I'll go find help; I need to find a doctor! Do you know where one is?" I asked her, as I started to get up. She grasped my arm and looked straight at me. "They know," she said. "What? Who knows what? Where a doctor is?" I asked. "They know… you're here. They came… to look… for you…" she said, as she took her last breath. I felt her hand slowly release my arm as her body laid back, lifeless. I quickly backed away, astonished at what had just occurred. Confused, I ran. I don't know where, I just ran. I came across something in the sand that looked familiar. Covered by a thin layer of sand was a black wallet, with the tacky phrase "# 1 DAD" etched into it. Tears welled up in my eyes as I fell onto the sand. I started to cry, wishing I was back in my little hometown of Edgewood, wishing I was back in the park with my friends, wishing I wasn't here. After a while, I stood up, my legs shaking from fear. I wiped my eyes and looked at the middle of the island. It was then that I realized what I must do. I must find and bring back my father.
*Author's Note::* (07.24.2012)
The town Edgewood in this fiction has nothing to do with the place in California. This was just mere coincidence.

The edit to my original, with a new chapter. Again, this is my first fantasy/story kind of thing that I'm attempting. All criticism is welcome, for I wish to correct any mistakes or errors that you may see. Thanks!

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